A New Option for
               Breast Cancer Patients !

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Testimonials for the Perfect Silhouette Custom Made Breast Prosthesis

......." it is a perfect match to my other breast, and no one even knows I am wearing a prosthesis "  Shirley

......." this is the only prosthesis that has addressed my needs after my lumpectomy, my bras finally fit properly ! "  Bonnie

......." it is very easy to work with and has become a part of me "  Gwen

......." I was amazed how i can do aerobics for an hour, without worry about my prosthesis "  Heather

......." this is the most wonderful thing I have done for myself "  Deborah 

......." I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor.  I wore a standard prosthesis for years and was never really satisfied.  I cannot believe the difference, wearing          my Perfect Silhouette Custom Made Breast Prosthesis.  It is so comfortable, cool and natural looking.  I am never self conscious "  Ann Marie 


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