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               Breast Cancer Patients !

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Health Solutions Just for You Inc. was established in Halifax, Nova Scotia by company founder Kellie Hayes in 2006, after working over 15 years in the health care field and recognizing the need for improved products and services for breast cancer patients of Nova Scotia.  Since 2006 Health Solutions Just for You Inc. has progressively expanded the products and services for breast cancer patients of Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Canada region.  

Health Solutions Just for You Inc. is very proud to have developed our new and innovative Perfect Silhouette Custom Made Breast Prosthesis and are able to offer this quality custom breast prosthesis to our patients thoughtout Atlantic Canada.  Our trade marked Perfect Silhouette Custom Made Breast Prosthesis is made in our own lab using a combination of state of the art technology and unique hand crafting techniques to ensure a perfect and individual custom breast prosthesis fit and matching profile for each women.  Our breast prosthesis is one of the most accurate and comfortable breast prosthesis on the market today and is helping many women after breast cancer surgery to regain their confidence and self esteem and freedom to wear the clothing, bras or swimsuits of their choice.   

Oct 2008 Halifax Chronicle Herald Article - Health Solutions



"Health Solutions Just for You Inc. is dedicated to assist and support breast cancer patients regain a positive image through our Perfect Silhouette Custom Made Breast Prosthesis. "

Jan 2009 Eastlink Magazine Interview-Heatlh Solutions

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