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The Custom Process and Q&As

ThePerfect SilhouetteTM Custom Made Breast Prosthesis Process

Initial Consultation and Review:

This is an initial consultation and evaluation of the patient to ensure that they are ready for casting and to wear a breast prosthesis.  The custom breast prosthesis and its unique features and benefits are reviewed in detail.  Any patient questions or concerns regarding insurance coverage, doctor's prescriptions, etc. can also be discussed at this time.      

Custom Casting or Scanning Session:

This includes a custom casting or 3D scan of the patient's chest wall and healed surgical site(s), and for single mastectomy patients a casting of their existing breast and areola is done.  Existing breast features are noted, along with skin and areola color tones determined.   

Final Consultation and Fitting: 

The patient is provided with their new Perfect Silhouette Custom Made Breast Prosthesis.  The prosthesis is ensured for fit, comfort and patient satisfaction.  The prosthesis care and cleaning instructions are reviewed, along with the use of the supplementary products supplied with the prosthesis, i.e. skin care and optional adhesive products.    


Why Wear a Breast Prosthesis?


After having a mastectomy or lumpectomy a woman needs to decide if she wants to replace the removed breast with a breast prosthesis.  Deciding whether to wear a breast prosthesis depends on you and how you feel about your breasts.  You can choose to wear a breast prosthesis all of the time, some of the time or not at all.  Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong decision or thing to do.  Do what you feel most comfortable with !


What are the Reasons to Wear a Breast Prosthesis?


Deciding to wear a breast prosthesis is a personal decision.  However you may want to consider the following reasons for wearing a prosthesis:


  • You may want to have the same symmetry when wearing clothing as you had before your surgery. Wearing a breast prosthesis can help you look and feel balanced.
  • A breast prosthesis helps replace the weight of the breast lost. When a natural breast is removed the body is no longer in balance and will compensate with a slight curving of the spine and can also create a shoulder drop. This may lead to low back and neck pain.
  • The natural appearance created by a breast prosthesis can help restore your self esteem and confidence.
  • You may not want to have reconstructive surgery or may want to wait several months or years before having reconstruction.

What is a Breast Prosthesis?


A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast worn in a bra cup or against the skin to recreate the look of your natural breast.  Some breast prosthesis can be worn with different clothes, while sleeping and during exercise.


What are Breast Prostheses Made of?


Breast prosthesis are typically made of medical grade silicone, gel or foam molded to form the natural shape of your breast.


Can I Wear a Breast Prosthesis Straight After Surgery?


Most surgeons recommend that you wait 6-8 weeks after your surgery before being fitted for a breast prosthesis.  This gives your incision time to heal and for any swelling to go down.  During this time you can use a soft temporary breast form. This can be pinned into your bra.  If you fine your bra is too constricting or rubs against your scar, you can wear the soft temporary form in a camisole.  If you are having further treatment you may need to wait longer before you can wear a permanent breast prosthesis.  Radiotherapy can also make the skin tender and sensitive.


Is a Prescription Necessary in Order to Purchase a prosthesis or a Mastectomy Bra?


While not required it is recommended that breast cancer patients have their physician write a prescription for a breast prosthesis and a mastectomy bra.  Many insurance companies will cover all or some of the costs for these products if they are prescribed by a physician.  It is also important for the physician to specify how many prostheses are needed and for which side.


Why Would I Need a Breast Prosthesis?


Many women who have been treated for breast cancer have had surgery that leads to an alteration in their physical appearance.  The common types of surgery are:


  • Lumpectomy - removal of a breast tumor and some of the breast tissue.
  • Modified /simple mastectomy - removal of the breast tissue
  • Radical mastectomy - surgical removal of the breast and underlying muscle

Will Insurance Providers Cover the Cost of a Breast Prosthesis or Mastectomy Bra?


Many insurance companies will cover the cost of a breast prosthesis and mastectomy bra if they have been prescribed by a physician.  Breast cancer patients who wish to purchase a breast prosthesis or mastectomy bra should contact their insurance provider prior to purchasing these items to determine whether they are covered and what needs to be done to ensure coverage. Provincial medical coverage for a breast prosthesis is available to every woman who undergoes a mastectomy .  Each province has it's own payment schedule. For example:  every woman in Nova Scotia is entitled to $150.00 every two years per breast. This information can be found by contacting your provincial Department of Health.


What is a Mastectomy Bra and is it Necessary to Wear One?


A mastectomy bra has pockets in both the right and left cup of the bra.  A standard breast prosthesis is meant to be worn inside these pockets.  Whether you need to wear a mastectomy bra depends on the type of breast prosthesis you choose.  For example, standard silicone prosthesis has to be worn in the secure pocket of a mastectomy bra, while a custom made breast prosthesis is designed to be worn against the skin in a regular bra, swimsuit, etc.


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