A New Option for
               Breast Cancer Patients !

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A New Option - Custom Made Breast Prosthesis !

After a mastectomy and breast cancer treatment  women can often experience a lack of confidence and self-esteem.  Further painful and invasive reconstructive breast surgery is not desired for most women and there are other options.   Our trade marked Perfect Silhouette Custom Made Breast Prosthesis is a viable option over reconstructive surgery and can help women rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.  Before custom breast prostheses, only standard breast prosthesis or basic breast forms were available to breast cancer patients.  There are common complaints with standard breast prostheses and forms, including that they are heavy, hot, uncomfortable and loose.  Such complaints tend to discourage women from wearing their prosthesis and being active with them.  However, it is important that women wear a  proper breast prosthesis, as they can help balance their body, anchor the bra, avoid bra ride up and prevent should sag and back pain, along with providing some protection to the chest area and mastectomy scars.


Women simply wants to return to their life before diagnosis, wearing the same clothes, nice bras, swimsuits, etc.  They don’t want to wear a loose uncomfortable breast prosthesis that is not well fitted or natural looking.  To help address these concerns, Health Solutions Just for You Inc. is very excited and pleased to offer our unique and innovative  Perfect Silhouette Custom Made Breast Prosthesis to the women of our communities and Atlantic Canada.  You will be surprised at how realistic and natural the prosthesis looks and feels and this unique and quality duplicate of your original breast will have you feeling better and more confident about yourself again.  Our Perfect Silhouette Custom Made Breast Prosthesis is constructed of a soft, lightweight and breathable silicone foam core, that will help keep you cool and comfortable all day.   

Perfect SilhouetteTM
          Custom Breast Prosthesis


  • Custom made to accurately duplicate each patient's original breast profile, size and shape.

  • Custom and accurately molded to each patient's chest wall for a comfortable and snug fit.

  • Realistic and natural breast features, i.e. areola, veins, freckles, skin tones and texture,  

  • Foam core construction for a light weight, comfortable and cool prosthesis.  

  • Breathable, durable, washable and waterproof.

  • Optional ability to adhere to skin.

  • Allows women to wear their choice of clothing, bras and swimsuits and maintain an active lifestyle.   






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